Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey turkey gobble gobble ...dead rat...

Happy turkey day everyone! It has even been some what of a good day for this "miserable" chick ;) Here is a description of turkey day by heather, the potty mouth mommy!

Me and my dad, step mom and brother on turkey day!

Thank god grayson decided to sleep in this morning. Too bad my bff was up at 7am tackling kid toy mountain in her living room. Because she was up so early, and obviously felt accomplished by 10 am, she decided to wake me up. I coulllld have slept til 11, just sayin.

After being woken by the bestie, i went into my little sweeties room and rustled him from under his covers and changed his diaper. Poor little man had a turkey day diaper rash! :( I felt so horrible... after spending 15 minutes searching for rash cream i got him fixed up and fed him some muffins and milk for breakfast. What? Its a holiday, and i was being lazy.

After his breakfast I turned on the parade and he climbed all over me for about 30 minutes until he finally went down for a nap and i sent daddy for pumpkin spice coffee.The 711 pumpkin spice latte is my addiction~!! After chasing down a half of diet pill from my secret left over stash, i was ready to take on the day.

Why is it when you are in a rush, a hot shower is always so addicting? I just didn't want to get out... but it was already 12:15 and i had to rush and get ready if i was going to make it to dads by 1:30. So, I drag my ass through the cold house and into my room to dress myself. This shit is never fun.I try on like 20 shirts, even model some for j. It all looks like shit. Finally i decide on jeans and a sweater. I give up on looking like anything other then a tired mommy lol. Knowing that my step mom wanted us to take pictures today i atleast was going to straighten my hair.

Blow drying took me about 20 minutes. I have like no hair left... so wtf? Why does it always feel like i am standing in my underwear with my head turned upside down for a good part of my day? And people wonder why i never want to get ready to do anything! I am all dry and go to straighten. ::jeopardy theme song:: ... Straightening is in progress and all i can see is static electricity fucking up my straight locks of multicolored hair. When on earth, will i be able to afford to re-highlight? My hair has just been a freaking mess lately. All i can do is try everything i can to get the static down. First try is hair spray.. Nope. Lotion? Kinda.. Face make up that is left on my hands? That is about as good as i was getting it. My hair just seemed to be lacking any appeal though. What if i re-cut my bangs, since they have grown out?  I start snipping away.... OMG.... horible! Why do i do this shit to myself? And why always when i am in a rush?!! I eventually end up clipping them back behind a black flower and finish up with my make up. I am now late. And pissed...

I decide to fix graysons appearance, re-brush my teeth and jump into my bungee corded car. Thank god that shit was over, and i didn't forget my camera! (I always either forget the camera ll together or i leave the memory card in the laptop.. never fucking fails!) At this point it is 145. I am definitely late. Fml. So now i am trying to call my dad and step mom, but no one will answer. Why! I am late! What if i was broke down or injured? I am the last to show up, but all is well.

We have an amazing dinner/lunch at my dads. Turkey, stuffing, ham, potatoes, yam casserole, green bean casserole, bread, and corn. I must say, my step mom did an amazing job. I have never been one to really pig out on turkey day but it was sooo good. Grayson even enjoyed it. Only problem was, grayson was being such a brat lol. He was poking himself with the fork and eating with his hands, and spending the rest of the time playing peekaboo with the fall themed table cloth. Lol. Nothing with a 1 and a half year old is ever easy!  So i barely got to eat. But guess who got to stuff himself? Yep.. Daddy... ASSHOLE! Lol...

After dinner we all sat around and then decided to take some pictures. Why on gods green earth did i even spend any time getting ready when i could not even get on decent picture with my child and j??!! Not only was he running around wildly, but he was soooo exhausted. And j was pretty much doing the same thing. I tried my best to get pictures but was surely disappointed in the results lol. It just never can go smoothly!

After that we drove home. I was so thankful for my wonderful dinner, and my son and j. It definitely felt very moving to look at all i have on thanksgiving. I couldn't ask for more. Well i could, but i wont lol. Dropping j and grayson off broke my heart though. Why oh why must i have to work on turkey day? And I'm not even getting paid time and a half. It really sucks romney balls!

So i drive to work and hear that song "thats something to be proud of" ... It kind of put things into perspective. I have all i do in my life, and it is most definitely something to be proud of. One verse speaks of your minimum wage job putting food on the table for your family. It struck a heart string. Thank god i can provide for my beautiful family, and that most certainly is something to be proud of. We really dont want for much at all, ever. At that moment i unlocked the gate to my work and felt a sense of pride for being there on a holiday. Well at least i did for a few seconds...

I get out of my car, bungee up the door and get out the keys to unlock the office. As soon as i open the door i remember why i had such a horrible wrenching feeling about going to my job. I open the door to the putrid smell of the gross dead rat in the wall. My grief came rushing back. Why today? WHY!!

So now i am sitting here, smelling dead rat, and looking at all the things i wish i could buy on black friday, but will not have the money until payday... next regular friday. I wish i was at home right now counting my hundreds or camping with my family infront of a best buy. Instead... me and dead Ted the rat are chillin in the hood... happy freakin thanksgiving ya'all.... ugh


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