Friday, December 21, 2012

its the end of the world as we know it kitteh....

bonus video ;)

The world is ending today. I can already feel the fiery burns on my body and i know god will be coming to save me. The blessed rapture to end all suffering. For when the world ends we will all meet in the kingdom of heaven and let the light shine down on us. ... ...

BAHAHA JUST KIDDING.... bet you really thought i lost it! Lol. So other then today being the most annoying day in facebook history, its also friday. And I am seriously exhausted from this 4 am work shit for j. On top of all of that, i work, take care of g, and drive people and things around lol.

Today people are finally coming to get these kittens. Only took me about 2 hours this morning to catch the little fuckers. When i finally did... It was like 123 in my hand. Easy peasy. Seriously .... I just chased you through dirty boxes for like 2 hours, and now... boom. You let me just pick you up? Oy vey! But now that i am on the kitty topic... Let me just mention i found new homes for them on "Craigslist".... OMG.... never again.

Now the craigslist post had pros and cons. The pro being i got to play god. I loved the control of choosing who seemed normal enough on the phone to care for my kitty. It also was who i liked best when it came to the calico lol. Everyone wanted that dumb multi colored pussy lol .Well i chose a lonely lady, chances are the kitty will have friends... probably 30.

The con. Omg.. i must have gotten 50 calls on these kittens. I would say about 10 were nice normal people. And then a few i never even gave a chance because the kitties were promised to a guy with a kid and the single lady. But i tell ya, the freaks that called, were scary! Mostly country people, one who accused me of living in "the hood" lol and another who once had a cat that had 13 litters. Um, no. The worst was the lady who argued with me and then asked me to deliver her a cat. When I told her she could come get her free kitty, but i was not going to bring it to her, she got an attitude and said she would call back. Later on around 11:30 pm she texted me asking if they were boys or girls. No reply from me, obviously. Then around 2 am i got another one. "I am sorry if i sounded like a scam I was talking to someone at the same time, when can i have the calico kitty?" Um lady, you are whacked. I wouldn't trust you with an aloe plant lol. Where do these people come from? And why do they want to care for another life, they sound like a 5 min phone call was gut wrenchly impossible for them to do alone.

So the kittens are gone. 3 less mouths to feed, raven is sulking, gray is napping, j is at work, and gigi is barking. All is normal at the moment. Except this horrible fear that nothing will be accomplished, i have not played Santa, hell i don't even have wrapping paper, my house is trashed and not nearly packed enough, and money. Where is it. Obviously not here....

So for now, I'm going to enjoy a soda with real sugar in it, preferably orange. Finish this slightly irrelevant blog, and prepare for dooms day ;)


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Can you spare some change? I can, I have an abundance...

So many changes during such a stress filled time of year. We are 99 % positive we have gotten the house in palmetto and are going to put a deposit down on it this weekend. The old man has slightly warmed up to us and I am hoping when he comes to our home to "interview" us he will not change his mind lol. Lets hope Giovanni does not bite his ankles lol.

Jeramie had his first day of work today. It was just an orientation but man was it stressful. I dropped him off at 10 am (for some reason my fingers wrote 'doped' instead of h) and then decided to go out and visit my grandmother. My grandmother is quite a character. She is a recovering addict and also a recent widow. Times have been rough for her lately but i honestly feel bad for her. She has taken a liking to my aunts ex-husbands family. (How jerry springer are we? lol) And for some reason this kind of disturbs me. Not because they are bad people, they are mostly very nice. But mainly because I can not fathom on why HER, of all people, gets to "choose" her family lol. I know this side of my family is 3 gallons of crazy in a 2 gallon bucket... and frankly I don't even really have time for this mess. But no matter what, I don't think i could ever just "find a new family". When it comes to our dysfunction, i take everything for what it is and just try to remember you only get one blood line. Lord knows on that side there are so many hateful comments still lingering, mis-trust and misconceptions, and down right denial lol. But its my family, my blood, and all we have left. It makes me truly sad to see the distance.
So after meeting with the g-ma, I got back into my truck and drove back to walmart. I mean, the 15 minutes i was there, obviously put stuck a toll on jeramies neediness lol. Holey shit, 15 missed calles and 15 texts saysing "answer now". Walmart needed him to have an updated ID. Seriously? Ugh... After going to the closest tax collector and finding out i needed to go home and get two bills, J's birth certificate, his ssc, and our lease, I had about had it. Poor gray was tired from puking all night and I hadn't even showered yet. Finally we dug it all up, got the ID and I drove the 15 minutes back to walmart.                                     For the 3rd time.

I decided to finish up some shopping and get things done. J goes in and then calls me again. Seriously?? He has to wait until 130 now because the chick is on lunch. We wander aimlessly... Look at stupid shit... Get him shirts... Get gray some stuff... Stick my hand in puke. Oh yes. Puke. I decided to get stocking stuffers for grayson because, well, there really is no fucking santa clause. When I go to pick up some stupid bath toy from a cheapo deapo box, it was sticky. I immediately put it back and then did what any freaked out american in walmart would do. I smelled my hand. Yep. Fucking puke. Who pukes in a box of fucking bath toys??? Nasty... and only this would happen to me.

J goes back to the lady and i continue to shop and be freaked out by my hand. I mean... Gross. I have always been seriously neurotic. Don't believe me? Lol... Ask my mother. She will rejoice in childhood stories of me rescuing my "jelly shoe", while endangering my life, from the middle of the road at Albertsons. All so I would not lose my "princess shoe". (whomever invented jellies should be prosecuted anyways lol) Or she will giggle mid sentence reliving how I used to place all my toys around the tub so they wouldn't go down the drain. Little did I know that bath toys could come from the store, already dangerous and puked on. That is way more scary.

So, I am randomly buying crap I can not afford... Placing Items in my cart, and then trading them out for stuff I see and think i "totally need more". Truth is... I was living just fine without any of this shit. So now my thoughts are wandering, and my breast are being revealed by a whiney 1 yearold every five minutes. "Why heather, why are you buying this shit?... Put that back.... Ooooh I have been looking for one of those... Ugh would this kid quit doing that... 'Grayson, leave mommies boobies alone!'.... A blanket... mine doesnt match on the couch... 12 dollars? 4 dollars.... totally...which one?...i saw more in the middle... no ....go back...." Hours. HOURS have gone by. My kid is pulling on his shirt because he is hungry. Duh... Must get my shit together....

So now i just have to get some food. Its 215... I figure letting grayson get some walking practice may help now. It totally does.. Until he gets over stimulated and starts acting like a baby jack wagon. We fight about which way to go, because obviously I am never in charge of my own direction. And why should i be, I just played the price is right for 2 hours in WALMART. So I put him in the cart and he starts screaming. Now its time to play supermarket sweep. Only in walmart,can you host multiple game shows where you are the star. So I grab crap. MSG? Check. Preservatives? Check. Carbs Carbs Carbs with a side of sugar? Check. Lastly, red #5? Got it. To the check out. While I am in the check out, J sends me a text. "Almost done, If you are home, come get me." F . M . L . I start to check out meticulously, I actually want this, not that, this this and this, not that that or that, and this. Oh... ANd that. Ok... Your total is 187.64. Really? Murder?? Yep. Not only have i been degraded in walmart but now i have been molested and then slaughtered at the register. I am seriously ready to leave. But I cant. I must wait.... wait for J. ....... :::sigh::::

So Gray screams, and I sit. And wait. J comes out and we wander to the truck and he loads the "shit". He tells me that he has to be back that night/ friday morning at 4 am. WOOO---IEEE. That will be fun. Waking a 1 year old up at 4 am to drive daddy to work. I hide any sign of annoyance, just happy he is working.

So much change right now... J's new job, my changing hours, finding a place, packing, new truck, grayson growing, christmas.... I don't know if I can take much more change, or any more assaults from wallyworld. Just as we are pulling away so I can get home and shower for work J says to me, "Wow ... Its 3:05... you were in walmart that long? I cant believe it...." Yes J. Yes I fucking was lol ....

xoxo- h

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

its the most.... stressful time ....of the damn year..

UGGGGHHHH.... Why is christmas so freaking stressful? No wonder the Jewish side of me is always so much happier then the "other" side lol. I mean, at least the Jewish side usually has a few bucks to her name lol. This year has been crazy... Grayson has grown sooo much. He is too sweet and the smartest little man ever. I can not wait for Christmas morning and for him to look under the "wow" and his presents. We didn't get him that much for a few reasons.

First, he has everything. When your kid gets crap weekly throughout the year, you end up with nothing to buy. They really should make more toddler toys. If he were 9 or 10, this probably wouldn't be an issue. But as of right now, his toy boxes are full... where are we going to put all his new stuff??

On top of Christmas bs we are dealing with #GROWNupPROBLEMS.... Moving always sucks. I wish i was rich enough to have someone come pack all my shit up for me. I am obviously a horrible procrastinator lol. We have no set plan, and nothing packed. At all. In fact, my house is currently a disaster.

There are two options on our table at the moment. The first is a condo owned by a nice little family. It is 800 a month and they want first, last, and a 250 security. It is kinda far away from J's new job and from my current job. The condo is super nice and perfect for us, but its, well... a condo. I seriously need a Yard for the dogs and grayson. He loves to play outside and it will super suck not having that option. It does have a pool though.... even though its winter lol. And could you imagine going from one dinky bathroom with no tub, to two bathrooms that are huge and super nice?? Lmao. The condo HOA also says renters can not have dogs. The current super nice owners have gone to them and pleaded for dogs and tried to get them signed off by the neighbors. They are supposed to let us know tomorrow. They want us to move in like a week. There is an app and 100 fee for a background check... These are the pros and cons for option one.

Option two is in palm-a-ghetto. Lol otherwise known as palmetto. Its not a horrible neighborhood close to a big park, and is a stand alone 2/1 with a yard and a fireplace lol. This option is waay closer to J's work and currently occupied by a friends parents. They will be moving the end of this month which would give more time to pack, but consist of moving after xmas. When i spoke to the old man this morning he seemed leery of us, but told me he would get a reference from the friends parents and call me back tonight. I seriously think this option would be best for us but i am afraid the old man wont like us lol. He made a comment about "partying" and asked how old we are. Um... we are super normal and have a small baby. We would never party... and if we did... i am pretty sure it would have a "yo gabba gabba" theme lol. I am hoping we can meet with him and hear back before its time to tell the other people but who knows... It is also cheaper to move in. First months rent and 500 deposit. Fingers crossed for these pros and cons....

So on top of that the local hospital is trying to offer me a prn position. I don't think i want it. When they ask you in an interview "what will you do when a baby dies" it kind of makes you want to crawl in a hole and hide from this horrible world. The hours would be crazy and the interview process is going on week 2 now and they want me to take a test. Ugh....

I have soooo much going on that mama needs a vodka. Will there ever be a quiet time in my life where things seem calm. Is there ever in any ones life? I just want my baby to have a happy life where he can say he never had any worries. BLAH... i hate this time of the year!!! I guess I will have to calm the fuck down... and wait....

Bah humbug,

Friday, December 7, 2012

sitting on the sideline while my boss watches football...

Today was quite a fucking shitty day lol. The brake locked up on the driver side of the truck, and i decided we will eventually have to move into another house. So after having it towed in and sitting down at my desk i realize my freakin boss is not here, and its fucking friday. Greeeeat. This means he went to the High school championshipy game, three hours away again.

Finding out, after defeating all my problems today, that i have to work until almost 2 or 3 am really sucks donkey twat. I hate my job! Shortly after taking a rotation for a car stuck in the middle of the road, and having some little girls mommy bitch at me for the county set prices, im just blah. I have not eaten all day, cried over a lifetime movie, and reactivated my facebook. What else is there?

I guess i could be posting 900 million pictures about random things that either amuse me or piss me off right now... but i am just too blah. Instead i have been scrolling through my news feed and have seen strange things.... well i have always seen them, but i never talk about it. Other then having that "one friend" on facebook.... it is amusing to look at your friends as a whole. Most people will have at least one of the following stereo types as a friend....

Mr. Obvious: Oh its cold out? Its December, and i have outside also. Oh Obama is president? I posted that on November 7th lol. Oh my goodness, a celebrity died or went to jail... I could have seen that on tv, but a special thanks to the 24 people who just posted it in my news feed. Sometimes, people just feel the need to tell you the most ridiculous shit ever, like they cant sleep... its 3am and you are on fb. If you are asleep and typing seek help.

The Bandwagon follower: We totally get it. You agree with the masses. Now please, go vote for our president before you hear any facts. And make sure on the way to the polls you ignore all natural signs that discourage you from writing in "mike the situation" for president...

The annoying copy and paster : This person either a. Copies all status' or pictures from others, or b. Uses status shuffle allll the time. We know you did not come up with that corny joke... but we also know that since you would post that corny joke for all to see, you will probably also claim it as your own... its really a lose lose... this also includes the "inspirational quotes" poster... you suck too lol ...

The politician: We feel strongly and we are going to tell you why. If you don't agree, just block me from your news feed now lol ... (so me)

The Holey Poster: I sometimes have more than one, but i have to admit i usually restrict them from my news feed and posts. I can not go on facebook without seeing "if you love Jesus click like". Do you seriously believe that Jesus has a facebook and is watching you at that very moment?? Lol. Hmmm... maybe you do... you obviously don't believe in evolution, so why not believe that clicking like on fb will change your fate in gods eyes. I can see the dumb ass person who started that picture thread now. "Hmmm.. I need attention... what if i make a post where people will HAVE to like, or they will go to hell. I will do it now." Eyeroll... Jew or not, i don't believe that Jesus, or god, or even Oprah gives a fuck what i like on facebook!

The hungry man or woman: There seems to be a trend of instagramming your food. Is that even a word? Well if not, it should be. You will most likely always have at least one person on your friends who has to show us every meal they eat, that is not pb&j. My dad does this. I find it cruel. As a fat girl, who is at work, and hungry... cut that shit out lol. I don't care if you have steak when  all i have is a slim Jim in my purse and a warm water. i will not be liking your food gram. In fact right now, i don't like you. Lol. ;)

The neglected one: You will always have someone who is constantly in turmoil over the lack of something to do, or the lack of attention they are receiving. This person will either be extremely emotional that day, and talk about dead loved one, or they will super down to make shit happen in their life. Be careful how you comment... it usually is never pretty!

Im sexy and i know it poster: Posts 20 pictures of them selves and then status updates about how they went to the gym twice and ate brown rice and broccoli for the past 42 days straight. Ugh. I get it. I look down at my gut, my checkers cup next to me, and my feet up on the desk and think... win lol...

The "photographer": Not only do they take pictures of themselves with their cell phone, but they also join the hungry man in attempts to photograph food or inanimate objects. Even instagram can not help some of those pictures. They are not professional. I am certainly not one to talk. I love exploring my camera and hoping one day i can afford to buy a REAL camera. For now... my dream will die and my photo albums will fill up :)

The ghetto king/queen: Now i wont lie, some people are removed from my news feed if they are yucky ghetto. Some stay and i laugh with them. And some i just accept for who they are. Obviously, i knew you were ghetto when we met, and i can spend  "figh extra secz tryyin ta figa out watchu sayin dawg"... ;)

The pretenders: We know you are seriously delusional lol. You have a ton of shit going on yet you are bored and looking to "chill" ... ?? Really? Didn't that last post just say your baby mamma kicked you out, your car got repo'd, you were fired last week, and you are broke? Now you wanna go out and "chill"? Um you should be seeking therapy lol not bar whores! But at least with those pretenders they are delusional and not alluding.

The optimists: These are the people who think they are perfect, and also their lives are perfect. "My facebook brings all the smiles to the world, and my life.. is better than yours.. damn right... its better than yours..."   Lol. If you say you love your life on face book soooo much, that you actually have to shorten it to "lml" .... just don't waste your time. We can see your last post and the one before that... we get it. We just don't believe it lol.

The better off: We went to the same school, lived in the same neighborhood yet you have everything i want lol and i have... well... you get it lol... eff you ... oh, you are offended because you are super sweet and perfect? Lol double eff you ... <3 br="br">
The friend you forgot you had: You pop up out of no where. We have been friends for like 6 years on facebook, where the hell have your status' been? You have not posted since 2010 and here you are like that was just yesterday.... You are wearing a graduation cap in your profile picture... it doesn't take much time to check in ya know

The over poster: That is me. Among other stereotypes i feel i fit in here well. Ever since discovering the share button and having 6 plus hours at work with nothing to do, i share...a lot... too much... but idc.

The happy day poster: Yes its Friday... yay for fucking you. Friday doesn't mean shit to me anymore. In fact none of the days do. So post away... i will keep scrolling. I also heard you like to post good morning pictures.. thank god i sleep in everyday and i don't have to scroll past those.... Happy weekday to you too and good night...

The cryptic statuser: Oh cryptic asshole, we all know who you hate... and if we don't.. I'm sure you will pm us and tell us exactly who pissed you off. Why not grow some and say who it is? Lol. It will never phase to amaze me why that is unacceptable, but whining about someone cryptically is OK? "Hey friends, help me bash someone you don't know on facebook, and then tell me how right I am after you have heard what i want you to hear. That way... i have some crazy validation..." These people need to figure out if they want to be ballsy or just shut the fuck up lol... being in the middle just makes you look insecure.. 
The inappropriate poster: This person loves shock value and ecards. They usually post shit that i laugh at all the time. But i wouldnt exactly show their page to my grandma... I fall into this category a lot... hence the "restriction" button lol ...

I am sure there are tons more stereo types in your news feed. These are not actually ALL from my own... I looked through a friends page to get some inspiration and not just pull from my own pool of friends. Now after admitting i fall into a ton of these categories and i am sure more.. please don't get all butt hurt over them and think i am being a "cryptic blogger" lol. None of these are about one specific person.. well maybe one of them is, but i bet you can guess which one ;)

Hope you enjoyed my rambling tonight... thanks for spending some time with me while i am at work, even if i am just narrating in your head,  it can get kinda lonely in the hood! <3 p="p" xoxo="xoxo">

Thursday, December 6, 2012

another day...another Ecard... and a shit load of comments...

I spent today getting shit done. Like a boss yo ;) . J got a new job and hopefully that will mean good things for me. When i got home i checked my phone and blog. Lovely ... more nut job bs The comment from some ignorant housewife, lol must have been  pretty low and i am glad she decided to remove it herself. I can only imagine what she felt the need to say lol .

 When will enough be enough for these girls? At this point i think my biggest thing is i have no room to even feel sorry for myself anymore. I am pretty busy feeling sorry for these middle aged women who spend their lives reading my blog. How many fucking times can one person comment under a different name? Lol... if you are curious ask casey casseel. Lmao. I guess maybe i should stop writing about them. It must be really hard to look back at your published comment and see that you had to remove it because even you thought you sounded like a donkey twat lol.

So even though my day was filled with mix emotions, i decided to
take a breather. I let everyone i know still talking to these mommy board freaks, that i would step back and unfriend them (or they, me) just to shut the bitches up lol. I mean, why do i care who they are friends with? So after a few unfriends, i still felt bad. I went ahead and just deactivated for a while. If the sun rises and sets on who is friends with me to these girls, why not give them what they NEED. Lol. You win. I dont need mommy board people. And some i can still text when needed. So if facebook will make or break you, dont let me be your down fall dear lol. The only thing that truthfully annoys me with the stalkers, is their claim that i play the victim. Um what have I ever done to you all? I told everyone what you said about them? Its called coming clean. If you didn't want someone to know you think their kid is a retarded seal clapper, then dont say it on fucking facebook lol. If you didnt want me to tell jennifer you said her face looked like she had been in a car accident shawndah, don't say it. I will totally one hundred percent own up for my shit. I have said some mean girl things, its very easy to be drawn in. But when i took a step back to the real world, i got a life lol. I apologised and moved the fuck on. Maybe you ladies should try it.

 So if you need an apology from me, here is is. You can stop holding your breath. I am sorry i dont like homophobic chicken. I am sorry i told the girls you talked shit about, what you said. I even copy and pasted some. I am sorry i used your name in my blog that described what children you were and how you act like highschool dumbasses. I was right there along with you. But i admit my faults and i am moving past it. So if you want to play the comment game for weeks, or months like you did the shit talking in secret groups game... go ahead... you are just continuing to prove me right~!

Now that I have deactivated, i seriously will be blogging more. Scared? You should be. Lol. Well some of you. I have just way too much going on right now! Good news is i finished my xmas shopping early this year. I am always one of the last minute walmart shoppers on Christmas eve lol. I can not wait for christmas morning and to see my sweet little man open all his presents. I have worked super hard and been super abused by my boss just so i can give my kid all that Santa should on Christmas!

One of my biggest issues is moving. To move or not to move... that is the question. Our old landlord was super duper awesome, in fact the best ever. But the new guy who remains faceless lol, is another story. Not only does he want to raise my rent 100 dollars a month, but he also wants me to pay the utilities, and pay a deposit. I know the utilities thing sounds reasonable to most, but what gets me is that the apartment is rented above the garage, and it uses the hot water heater, and also the washer and dryer that are run on our electric and water from the house. So you are telling me that you want me to pay for someone else's bs plus give you a deposit?? Lol. Now the deposit thing super pisses me off.

When we first moved into our house, or took possession of the rental, the place was DIS-GUSTING. We, along with many good friends like Jaime, Solice, Kristen, My Dad and Deb, all went in a did about 1500 dollars worth of work on the place.  So when we move out, no matter what he says, it will most definitely be in better shape then when we moved in. Why the heck should i pay you an extra deposit??!! My landlords rental management decided to inform him of this and get back to me, after telling me all would be well back in the beginning of November. What a bitch. She and him seriously just told me that, so they could cut it down to the wire and we would not have other options for moving. A really shady move.

Another happening is j getting that job. I am seriously hoping he will get enough hours for us to be able to afford to stay in the shit hole house, and still live comfortable. When he emerged from his interview, i asked him about the hours... and what do you know... He had no clue! Classic J! Lol. Hopefully all will work out and then i will have the best job ever and make my life seriously perfect... being graysons mommy full time. I will even bleach the whites J. Lol.

So other then that today i have learned quite a few things... First is, never trust anyone but your real friends and family. Chicks are crazy and bored and will stalk you for days ... anonymously lol. The second is always prep J before an interview. The third is make sure you plan ahead before the end of your lease and trust your gut, never a little woman named Olga lol. And the fourth is, when spending the last of your money Christmas shopping, Never, Ever let your child out of the cart in wally world.

I will take one second to elaborate. While J was interviewing, and i was shopping for hours lol, Grayson really wanted down. I figured he could trot around for a while since we really had nothing to target shop. So after a few old people said "awww how cute" and smile and waived, i noticed a few people with dirty looks lol. I looked at the front of grayson only to see a puke spot on his shirt. Oy vey, making the page of people at walmart again G? Lol... so after holding him down to clean it up, he just looked like he slobbered. We walked towards the TVs. He was amazed at the flat screen display lol. I looked down at the Cd's for like 6 second, check back to g, back to the CD, back to g, and bam he was gone. I almost died. I freaked... he was one isle down and some lady said very rudely to me, "He's over heeeerrree" Um omg. Thank you. I would have been rude also. Never letting my child walk again. Ever.

OK that's all... my lessons for today, my complaints, my joys, my predictions for the future! Hope everyone enjoyed their days also... even if they spent them making anonymous comments on MY BLOG... lol thanks for reading :)
xoxo- H
ps.... ;)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Save the drama for yo mama... cunt ;)

I love how the psychotic July moms are still anonymously commenting on my blog post. What they don't know, is every time they view my blog, that is one more point on the ticker lol. ::happy girl ::

It will never phase to amaze me how these dumb cunts can sit in front of a computer and tell me how much i neglect my child... Because i am sitting in front of a computer. Lol. Hmmmm.... Interesting...

Or How about how immature i am starting drama. These women have come from facebook, while i have them on block, hunted down my blog, and then secretly commented on it. Now to be fair, they only had something to say about my most irrelevant post, ya know, the one about them lol. But to search me out from block, open up my blog, read about 2000 words, create an account to comment, and then not even say who they are... is ....well.... uber pathetic! Lol... Thank you dear mommy cunts, for without all your bs and effort i am pretty sure i would not have had nearly as many views on my blog. Probably about 200 less actually lol.

So now on to the topic of your concern. It amazes me that you, the person sitting on a facebook group, complaining about how your husband wont fuck your fat ass, can sit there and make assumptions about the welfare of my child. I can get up right now, and look at my sweet little man snuggled up in his crib, in his decorated room, and sweetly smile. He is perfect, my life is perfect, and i can honestly say i do not worry for 2 seconds about my sweet little man! Too bad you spend so much of your time reading what i have to write, wondering about my free time, judging my choices in parenting, or trying to decide how mature I am. BAHAHAHAH.... yes... you should seriously be worried about me....

So Casey, shawndah, candy, mergrissa gergetti (lol), jennifer, tiffany, whom ever feels the need to sit around and stalk my blog... you are seriously pathetic. I will put your name wherever i damn please... And if you don't like it, maybe you should learn to shut your krispy creme hole and get a hobby, a job, or a fucking life beyond a mommy board...or write your own fucking blog. I can guarentee... I wont be reading it ;)
take notes bitches and grow some...

Pretending "to be normal" jitters...


Ugh... I have an interview tomorrow. I must admit I am slightly nervous. I have always been pretty good at getting a job... but after these last two i am severely worried about making any rash
decisions or ending up working for a giant dick in a box... again. For some odd reason, wackos are seriously attracted to me. Now i know that may sound like I could very well be the problem, but i seriously end up talking to complete freaks alllll the time lol.

For instance, just yesterday a guy came in to apply for the tow drivers job at my current place of employment. When he came in he seemed kind of normal but stunk to high hell of man spray. Not even cologne. It had to be Axe or something cheap lol. When he first walked in, I handed him his application, and Rick informed him to take it outside and fill it out. Instead this guy asked him in RESPONSE if he could sit inside and fill it out. Ok... strike one. Way to defy someone before you are even hired. So the guy starts filling out his app.... stopping to chat here and there which is totally annoying but he is writing... and then rick decides to ask him if he has any experience... some how some way that leads to this guys strike 2. He goes on to tell us that he doesn't really need a job, just wants on for his own sanity... Um... ok? Are you a kept man? Did you win the lottery? Maybe you live with mommy and daddy still at what you claim is 42? Either way, that was not something we wanted to hear when applying for work. He continued to write as rick dangled the bait again. "So would you be able to take the truck home at night? The position requires you to do so...." Dude looks up from page one of the application (he has been here like 20 min already and still on page one?) and says to rick, "Well I live in North west Bradenton, in a nice area... so i can do whatever I like..." Rick kind of gets edgy now and says, "Well a lot of those areas are deed restricted, and even if they arnt all it takes is one complaint to the city..." Dude is serious as hell and replies without even one chuck. "Well let me tell you this, the other night i got sooo drunk that-" (now mind you mid way through his sentence my eyes were closing and all i could think was NOOOOO don't do it dude!) "Sooo drunk that i was roaming my neighborhood for a good 4 hours in just my socks and shoes...." STRIKE 3... YOU ARE OUT...:::::SILENCE::::: ::::::CRICKETS:::::: ...... Rick walks out and stands in the lot with the boss at that point.

Why on gods green earth, would ANYONE say that while applying for a job. After rick walked out i was on my own. The guy then gets to page 2, about 15 min after that. He has been in office for almost 45 min now. He picks up his phone, mid app, and starts calling people to find out his employment dates. Is this real life?/?? Are you FUCKING SERIOUS? At this point i actually leaned over my desk and said "Ok, sir, it really doesn't matter what you write on your app, the interview is what is important..." He pretty much ignored me and in 30 more min he was done with his app. I took it from him, walked him to the door and locked it. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! Where do these people come from? So i decided to write "WEIRDO" on his app and put it on "according to Jim's" desk. Just as i am putting it on his desk weirdo comes back and tries to open the door. What else could i do, I hid behind the desk in Jim's office until he went away. People are fucking weird. (Weirdo guy ended up calling back later and trying to chat ... again... ???!!?!?!?!?!)

So seriously, I really got off topic lol. But this is the kind of people i always end up interacting with. Maybe I am the weird one. Maybe i should get drunk and start wearing socks. For some reason i don't think that will help me any.

Tomorrow I have an interview with a really good medical company. I am nervous. How normal should i be? If i am too normal and then get the job, will they figure out I like to drink beer, vote for Obama, and write blogs about frenemies on fb, and then fire me? Will i be able to keep up appearances...Pretend that i never curse, laugh, or cry? I am sure i could but i am just super nervous... I know that i can pull off any interview, i guess i am just nervous about starting a new job if i get the chance...

Starting a new job is like the first day of school. Only difference is you have no friends from last year to stand by you as you walk down the halls. You have no one to ask questions to and it is very possible that the most simple things you need to do are misconstrued at the moment. Doesn't that suck? Lol. I hate when i start a job, learn a new skill or program, and then 2 months down the road remember what an idiot i must have looked like while learning lol.

Either way I need a new job. One where i am treated with respect and one that I am proud of. So tomorrow I will wake up early, get dressed to the best of my abilities, and pretend to be normal... all while I have interview jitters... wish me luck :)

(good things come to those who wait... fingers crossed....<3 -h="-h" p="p">

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

are you sitting on the edge of your seat?

Well it looks like i have many "private" blog viewers. My "mommy board" post has had like, 300 views. Sad part is, most of the people willing to sit and read like 2000 words about drama, are the drama. But one person in particular, seems to think it is all about them. Seriously? I have made many blog posts and they are certainly not all revolving around her. Maybe this one will be... maybe not... I'm still mid-blog and have not made up my mind lol. I have so much going on right now, that i seriously don't need all this high school drama.

I have recently received texts from this person claiming i have been posting about them for months now lol. Um, not all of my pictures or posts are about you, or your drunk friend. A few were ;) But i have seen just as many, if not more, between you and this chick about me. Obviously, bashing others is the only bond you seem to have with people these days. If it is not my aunt, then its me, or someone else who has seemed to piss you off this week. Your horse is not that high. It kind of reminds me of those midget ponies you see on the way to hunsaders. So why not just let this shit go already? You send me things saying i play the victim... hmm... what exactly have i done to you or any of your little followers? I voted for Obama... that could possibly get me weeks, maybe a month worth of ridicule... but come on. Its getting old. Why not focus on a friendship with someone that is not based on hate?

I have multiple things to write about obviously. My job provides me with weeks worth of blogging topics lol. J can also provide me with many humorous snidbits. My love for my child, who is not abused btw (what a sick accusation) is more then enough to provide me with a blogging topic daily. So your drama, your status updates, and your mouth will no longer occupy my texts, blogs,or status updates. And if any of you wackos would like to keep making me your main focus, then i will leave you be. Sadly your life is that unproductive.

When it comes to friends, i have all i need. Kristen and I have been friends for years. We may have had fights, not talked, or spent too much time together... but at the end of the day she is there for me. I have many other close friends such as solice, holly, jessica, and many more... When it comes to Internet friends, amber, jordan, sarah and a few others not mommy related have it covered. So please, take a moment, take a step back and realize my life does not revolve around any of you.

It is not social suicide to stop being friends with one person. If someone hates me because of that, then so be it. You were obviously not a friend to begin with. I don't need any of this. Every day i wake up to the most beautiful miracle in the entire world. Grayson. I also wake up to a loving man who has provided for me and said miracle now for 2 years. I couldn't ask for anything more then my family and friends.

So stop talking your shit, you are wasting energy. Grow up and realize my life will go on with out you or any of your "buddies". Stop worrying about what I post, or whether it affects you. I don't care if you respond all day long because i am taking you off my stalking list. You are boring and you just plain suck donkey turds. In fact, you are just like all of the mommy board people you once sat on the phone a critisized me for talking to.

I am embracing my life, and everyone who chooses to be a part of it. I thank you all and I will stop filling your news feed with this intense high school shit talking. I am taking the high horse and leaving all you midget ponies to suck grass... peace

<3 xoxo="xoxo">