Boob tube rants and raves

Winter 2012/2013
So, secret life comes back on for its winter debut. Um... why christmas before thanksgiving?? and SERIOUSLY... this shit is jacked up when it comes to protraying any sort of reality.... I can not even begin to explain how effed up this shit is... but i stilllll watch it lol 
Fall 2012

Well Fx has done it again. American horror story season 2 has be good so far. I can not help but miss the first family. Curiosity has me watching this season more than enjoyment.

What a train wreck? Can you look away? When they gace birth to the 3 thumbed baby I was confident in saying I had seen it all!

I always end up lol'ing while watching this show. It is quorky and refreshing. :)

D-ra-mat-ic. But i love it! I must say it is a new addiction for this mamma!

I am just jumping in mid-season to the new normal. So far i am pleased with what i see. The perfect amout of wit and shock value to keep me tuned in.

Oh dear god, teen mom 2. Will these chicks ever learn???!!! yet.. im still watching lol....


  1. Ok let me just say those are all good picks! But where is Parenthood dont you need to get your weekly cry your eyes out on? And where is Judge Judy, she should be watched once a day no matter what! And last but not least those crazy ass wives of where the hell ever! Those woman are flippin crazy! Just wanna say, New Normal is the Best new sbow in a very long time!

  2. These shows make me miss the days of Melrose! I can't bring myself to watch these shows. Can I put in a request for any Ken Burns Doc on PBS like the Dustbowl but I already watched it and I gave it 5 stars out of 5! How about the next History channel America Doc? :)


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