Thursday, March 28, 2013

Its been a while....

I have not blogged in so long that it feels foreign. Between baby sitting and watching 2 toddlers and also my call of duty addiction time seems to be running low for publishing irrelevant blurbs on the internet. Not much has changed in the past few months. Still enjoying my son, enjoying our new house, and hating republicans lol.

The newest issue being for gay rights. Why are these even issues? It will never seize to amaze me on why people give a crap whether others are happy and in love. I mean are you really that homophobic? The amount of people i know who are uneducated on politics scares me. Yes they have an opinion on mainstream issues, but to them, they are not political lol. Ok... however you want to see it is fine by me. But when it comes to politics in America, i see them as
issues for every single citizen. Especially civil rights. Anyways....

I have also had some recent updates on "Ned" lol. Seems he is back into drugs publicly, resulting in surgery for an infection in his arm. To quote him "Yea so what, after 6 years i relapsed". Um... really ned? 6 years... or six minutes? I don't know if any of his adult life has ever been sober. He also explained why nedalla makes him so very happy. Why you ask? Because he doesn't have to lie to her. She condones all his actions. Including the two most recent felonies. In which i have a feeling any lovin she will be posting on her facebook status updates will be conjugal visits... for Ned will be back in prison before you know it. Its just so sad... how can someone you planned to make a life with end up being such a scum bag. eww.

I have come to the conclusion that like nedella and ned, some people just do not strive to do good. They have no morals and are chemically fucked in the head. I believe everyone makes mistakes. I live my life by the judgement of 2 people alone. No not god.Im not Sarah Palin. I live by the judgment of my son, and myself. I want to be a person i can be proud of. I want to be a person that my son can look up to. I  want him to spend his  NOT high and drunk, simply because he doesn't want to disappoint his mother. Now mind you he is only almost 2, and i have quite a while before those are my worries. But for now, I'm installing as many morals as i can in him. Truthfully how many of you can say you have never lied, never cheated, never bragged, never hurt someones feelings. Some of you may have even stolen or ripped someone off, even broke the law.. But at the end of the day, you feel guilt and pain and strive for better. That's part of growing up and becoming someone you want to see in the mirror. So i hope everyone can make a concious effort to admit, "hey im not perfect" ... but at the same time to be able to say "hey, i try to be a honest, good, law abiding person." lol Wishful thinking!

Rearing children has to be one of the most controversial debates around. There is always someone who believe their child can do no wrong. Or beats some sense into their kid. Or smothers them with love. Then there are some people who grasp from each parenting basket and form their own methods. Either way.... remember when you are done with that child, the rest of us have to put up with them and their behavior. I wonder if neds mother feels like a failure. She does have 2 children on drugs and another void of any emotion what so ever. Please... if there is a strange bearded man in the sky deciding my fate... don't let me be like her!

In other news, my mommy is coming for a visit. And i can not wait to see her. Even though we skype and talk everyday, there is nothing like having your mommy right there in person. To argue with and scream at... resulting in hugs and her im sorry's lmao.  I hope grayson always feels the sameone day.i miss her being around.

So not much to write about lately.... since i ridded myself of mommy board drama, fake friends, and creepy druggy exes, life is simply, purely, wonderfully, boring. Makes for a happy girl... and a boring blog ;)