Adventures In Eating

I have decided after all of my horrid adventures in eating, or shopping, I should incorporate some reviews in my blog. So here they are....

11/16/2012- Danny's Pizzeria (Beachway Plaza 75th and manatee) : Well jeramie grayson and i decided to have lunch spur of the moment today. We went to a cute little pizzeria in NW bradenton. We sat outside and enjoyed the nice day. I am pretty sure the weather was the only excitement during that lunch. This place had a pretty big menu and some good looking specials. The garlic knots were really burnt tasting and i couldn't even force little chunk to eat them. The pizza was in my eyes "Fancy cardboard"... actually it didnt even LOOK that appetizing. The place itself was super small and not really too kid friendly... but the waitress was OK and didn't spill, kill, or offend us so that was nice... We had buffalo chicken as an app and that was also seriously gross... and hard... pretty sure they were frozen and then dropped into a fryer and over cooked. I was seriously disappointed. When it comes to price, WAAAAY over the mark. It cost us 29 dollars for 2 drinks, a medium pizza and some buffalo chicken chunks... terrible... not recommended~!


  1. Good review! Stick with the places you know are good!

  2. I like this section of your extra variety!


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