Sunday, December 2, 2012

The blog about nothing... or everything?

So much has happened during my blog hiatus. I couldn't exactly pick just one topic, so, i decided on a smorgasbord of crap from my shitty week should be thrown into one big blog about everything, or as Jerry Seinfeld once said... "nothing"...

When I last left you all, i had just finished reminding myself why i should no longer drink and "get low" in the club. How horrible was that hangover! Even though my hangovers last 3 days now that I am almost 28, this one had an even longer lasting effect.

STREP YO! I got strep throat! How the fuck did that happen??? I could tell you, but then i would have to kill you. Lets just say my BFF sent me some love and tiny white patches to the throat. She first told me she was sick on Monday. All I could think was that maybe she caught graysons viral throat inf. ... NOpe. I then noticed my throat was swollen and sore on monday night after working til 1 am. Fuck sdbfwjkbfwjk. The next day I called into work and decided to go to the dr.

Tuesday, I had slept all day, after i called into work fot the first time ever. It was then time for me to brave the health clinic since i have no fucking insurance! I went to the East Manatee clinic as a walk in. They decide to take walk ins around 4. I thought I would be one quick step ahead and go in at 3:30. And the people who thought they were slightly more intelligent, and seasoned sick-o's, decided to go in at 3:00. So when i arrive in Little Mexico for me throat swabbing, I am number 17. FML.

Now i call this place "Little Mexico" because no one speaks English. All the forms are referenced to Spanish. I dont understand why I am the only one who speaks English and also gets sick? Very odd. I will be talking a "further your education" class to learn Spanish... if for any reason, so I can receive proper care at the Dr.. I have no problem what so ever with Spanish, or Spanish people. But i just find it odd that they are the only ones who go to the dr.

So 4 hours later, my Spanish Dr. comes to get me and then in very broken English tells me "ya oo have da uh strepha throat" .... "I know, i told you that before you violated my throat with your oversized popsicle stick dude..." I replied. "Ya oo  take a penicillin  for six day and be ok" he then informs me.... "Um ok, please send it to Walgreen's on 43rd" I tell him.  "28th and manadee?" "NO.. Manatee and 43rd st!" I say annoyed and slightly over exaggerated. Which is probably why he sent my RX to 26th and cortzez. Ugh fml.... lol...

So after 2 days of fever, chills, horse pills, sleeping,coughing, and sweats I was working through my horrid strep throat punishment (from acting like a fool in the bar). lol . I went back to work still feeling like shit on Thursday but had no clue what i was walking into! ....

 My boss said because i was 2 minutes late on that Thursday that he didn't think i was coming in. "According to Jim" i have never been late before so why should he have believed otherwise. Lol, well Jim i am glad you decided to take this first time to reprimand me for 3 minutes. Eye roll. So as I am sitting there I see on my schedule someone had written "Fake sick" on my Tuesday. Hmm... Nice. Why would someone do that? And why was my boss being an Uber dink? I call the other girl in my office also named heather, or as i call her, "H1". She tells me she doesn't know who wrote fake sick on my schedule but that all was fine and Jim was not going to fire me. Just then a Driver comes in, and I make a joke about the possibility of Jim putting my job on Craigslist. He then tells me "I think i heard him say something about an ad yesterday..." Greeeat.

Sooo, I get on craigslist and type in "dispatcher" . I then see an ad for my job stating you must live in bradenton, and also have a "willingness to work". Are you freakin kidding me? I call him and confront him immediately in which he tells me it is for his friend in Sarasota. I say OK, and just hang up. Is he really trying to tell me that his friend in another city is looking for someone who must live in bradenton to replace someone in his sarasota office?? I doubt that to be factual at all, wouldn't you??? So I did what i do best when bullshit is thrown my way in heapfuls for a whole week. I cry lol...

The next morning i am awoken by my phone. Its the other heather requesting that i come in to the office so Jim could talk to me. She did me a solid though, and let me know he wouldn't be firing me, again lol. I got dressed and went in on my own personal time just for him to scream at me, call me names, curse, and ask me why i was on craigslist. I could go into everything he said but that would take up too much of both yours and my time. So lets just say he claimed i was not worth minimum wage, the prisoners don't run the prison because he is the warden, and (my favorite) you cant bullshit a bullshitter. Ugh. If you and I are facebook friends, please see my status update from Friday morning for more details lol. So again, I cried, went home, felt sorry for myself and then put on my PJ's until i had to go back at 5.

I went back at 5, and Jim was out of town at a game. WHEW. I am guessing i dodged another bullet. The only thing that sucked about this was that due to him driving 3 hours to a foot ball game, was he had to watch the game and drive back. This meant i was stuck at work until 1 am. Ugh. My baby was asleep when i got home and all I could think about was Jeramie calling me at 12 and Gray getting on the phone and crying when he heard my voice. My sweet baby wanted mommy... and he obviously considered me worth more than minimum wage ;( .

I had the next day off and decided to try and get my phone fixed after being pissed off by my bff. I wont even go into that because frankly, i myself am tired of reliving this hell week. I went to the sprint store and those fuckers wouldn't fix my phone, but they did try to sell me a 2 year contract, 200 dollar phone, and 50 dollar case for it. I told them to shove it and will remain S.O.L UNTIL my next upgrade... who knows when that will be :( ....

During all of this shit I am realizing I am broke, trying to find insurance and arguing about a title for the truck, receiving certified threats via snail mail from some skanky bitches lawyer concerning the truck, fighting the illness from hell, listening to j complain that he is sick now, trying to spend time with my baby, buying and decorating a christmas tree, working at my shit hole job, not sleeping at night, having stupid, drunk, intense skanks speak of my social suicide on facebook (that made me giggle though) and worrying about the fluids light in my shit hole car. When will enough be enough? Lol

I guess this is why i have been putting off blogging. Even though you can not tell by my horrid spelling and lack of grammar, i am somewhat of a perfectionist. Not with small details but with the big picture. If i am going to spend time blogging, I want to get everything i say out there in the most detailed way. I want to be proud of anything i do and if i am not i will obsess about it. I want to get the best deal for my money. Look the best i can when going out, and so forth. So with all this drama going on, i couldn't just pick one lol. I know. I am seriously Neurotic lol . But even this blog will eventually annoy me until i take it down lol .

Well thats that. This is what my week has been like. Its been about nothing but also about everything...everything that sucks lol ...  


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