Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pretending "to be normal" jitters...


Ugh... I have an interview tomorrow. I must admit I am slightly nervous. I have always been pretty good at getting a job... but after these last two i am severely worried about making any rash
decisions or ending up working for a giant dick in a box... again. For some odd reason, wackos are seriously attracted to me. Now i know that may sound like I could very well be the problem, but i seriously end up talking to complete freaks alllll the time lol.

For instance, just yesterday a guy came in to apply for the tow drivers job at my current place of employment. When he came in he seemed kind of normal but stunk to high hell of man spray. Not even cologne. It had to be Axe or something cheap lol. When he first walked in, I handed him his application, and Rick informed him to take it outside and fill it out. Instead this guy asked him in RESPONSE if he could sit inside and fill it out. Ok... strike one. Way to defy someone before you are even hired. So the guy starts filling out his app.... stopping to chat here and there which is totally annoying but he is writing... and then rick decides to ask him if he has any experience... some how some way that leads to this guys strike 2. He goes on to tell us that he doesn't really need a job, just wants on for his own sanity... Um... ok? Are you a kept man? Did you win the lottery? Maybe you live with mommy and daddy still at what you claim is 42? Either way, that was not something we wanted to hear when applying for work. He continued to write as rick dangled the bait again. "So would you be able to take the truck home at night? The position requires you to do so...." Dude looks up from page one of the application (he has been here like 20 min already and still on page one?) and says to rick, "Well I live in North west Bradenton, in a nice area... so i can do whatever I like..." Rick kind of gets edgy now and says, "Well a lot of those areas are deed restricted, and even if they arnt all it takes is one complaint to the city..." Dude is serious as hell and replies without even one chuck. "Well let me tell you this, the other night i got sooo drunk that-" (now mind you mid way through his sentence my eyes were closing and all i could think was NOOOOO don't do it dude!) "Sooo drunk that i was roaming my neighborhood for a good 4 hours in just my socks and shoes...." STRIKE 3... YOU ARE OUT...:::::SILENCE::::: ::::::CRICKETS:::::: ...... Rick walks out and stands in the lot with the boss at that point.

Why on gods green earth, would ANYONE say that while applying for a job. After rick walked out i was on my own. The guy then gets to page 2, about 15 min after that. He has been in office for almost 45 min now. He picks up his phone, mid app, and starts calling people to find out his employment dates. Is this real life?/?? Are you FUCKING SERIOUS? At this point i actually leaned over my desk and said "Ok, sir, it really doesn't matter what you write on your app, the interview is what is important..." He pretty much ignored me and in 30 more min he was done with his app. I took it from him, walked him to the door and locked it. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! Where do these people come from? So i decided to write "WEIRDO" on his app and put it on "according to Jim's" desk. Just as i am putting it on his desk weirdo comes back and tries to open the door. What else could i do, I hid behind the desk in Jim's office until he went away. People are fucking weird. (Weirdo guy ended up calling back later and trying to chat ... again... ???!!?!?!?!?!)

So seriously, I really got off topic lol. But this is the kind of people i always end up interacting with. Maybe I am the weird one. Maybe i should get drunk and start wearing socks. For some reason i don't think that will help me any.

Tomorrow I have an interview with a really good medical company. I am nervous. How normal should i be? If i am too normal and then get the job, will they figure out I like to drink beer, vote for Obama, and write blogs about frenemies on fb, and then fire me? Will i be able to keep up appearances...Pretend that i never curse, laugh, or cry? I am sure i could but i am just super nervous... I know that i can pull off any interview, i guess i am just nervous about starting a new job if i get the chance...

Starting a new job is like the first day of school. Only difference is you have no friends from last year to stand by you as you walk down the halls. You have no one to ask questions to and it is very possible that the most simple things you need to do are misconstrued at the moment. Doesn't that suck? Lol. I hate when i start a job, learn a new skill or program, and then 2 months down the road remember what an idiot i must have looked like while learning lol.

Either way I need a new job. One where i am treated with respect and one that I am proud of. So tomorrow I will wake up early, get dressed to the best of my abilities, and pretend to be normal... all while I have interview jitters... wish me luck :)

(good things come to those who wait... fingers crossed....<3 -h="-h" p="p">

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