Friday, December 21, 2012

its the end of the world as we know it kitteh....

bonus video ;)

The world is ending today. I can already feel the fiery burns on my body and i know god will be coming to save me. The blessed rapture to end all suffering. For when the world ends we will all meet in the kingdom of heaven and let the light shine down on us. ... ...

BAHAHA JUST KIDDING.... bet you really thought i lost it! Lol. So other then today being the most annoying day in facebook history, its also friday. And I am seriously exhausted from this 4 am work shit for j. On top of all of that, i work, take care of g, and drive people and things around lol.

Today people are finally coming to get these kittens. Only took me about 2 hours this morning to catch the little fuckers. When i finally did... It was like 123 in my hand. Easy peasy. Seriously .... I just chased you through dirty boxes for like 2 hours, and now... boom. You let me just pick you up? Oy vey! But now that i am on the kitty topic... Let me just mention i found new homes for them on "Craigslist".... OMG.... never again.

Now the craigslist post had pros and cons. The pro being i got to play god. I loved the control of choosing who seemed normal enough on the phone to care for my kitty. It also was who i liked best when it came to the calico lol. Everyone wanted that dumb multi colored pussy lol .Well i chose a lonely lady, chances are the kitty will have friends... probably 30.

The con. Omg.. i must have gotten 50 calls on these kittens. I would say about 10 were nice normal people. And then a few i never even gave a chance because the kitties were promised to a guy with a kid and the single lady. But i tell ya, the freaks that called, were scary! Mostly country people, one who accused me of living in "the hood" lol and another who once had a cat that had 13 litters. Um, no. The worst was the lady who argued with me and then asked me to deliver her a cat. When I told her she could come get her free kitty, but i was not going to bring it to her, she got an attitude and said she would call back. Later on around 11:30 pm she texted me asking if they were boys or girls. No reply from me, obviously. Then around 2 am i got another one. "I am sorry if i sounded like a scam I was talking to someone at the same time, when can i have the calico kitty?" Um lady, you are whacked. I wouldn't trust you with an aloe plant lol. Where do these people come from? And why do they want to care for another life, they sound like a 5 min phone call was gut wrenchly impossible for them to do alone.

So the kittens are gone. 3 less mouths to feed, raven is sulking, gray is napping, j is at work, and gigi is barking. All is normal at the moment. Except this horrible fear that nothing will be accomplished, i have not played Santa, hell i don't even have wrapping paper, my house is trashed and not nearly packed enough, and money. Where is it. Obviously not here....

So for now, I'm going to enjoy a soda with real sugar in it, preferably orange. Finish this slightly irrelevant blog, and prepare for dooms day ;)


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