Tuesday, December 11, 2012

its the most.... stressful time ....of the damn year..

UGGGGHHHH.... Why is christmas so freaking stressful? No wonder the Jewish side of me is always so much happier then the "other" side lol. I mean, at least the Jewish side usually has a few bucks to her name lol. This year has been crazy... Grayson has grown sooo much. He is too sweet and the smartest little man ever. I can not wait for Christmas morning and for him to look under the "wow" and his presents. We didn't get him that much for a few reasons.

First, he has everything. When your kid gets crap weekly throughout the year, you end up with nothing to buy. They really should make more toddler toys. If he were 9 or 10, this probably wouldn't be an issue. But as of right now, his toy boxes are full... where are we going to put all his new stuff??

On top of Christmas bs we are dealing with #GROWNupPROBLEMS.... Moving always sucks. I wish i was rich enough to have someone come pack all my shit up for me. I am obviously a horrible procrastinator lol. We have no set plan, and nothing packed. At all. In fact, my house is currently a disaster.

There are two options on our table at the moment. The first is a condo owned by a nice little family. It is 800 a month and they want first, last, and a 250 security. It is kinda far away from J's new job and from my current job. The condo is super nice and perfect for us, but its, well... a condo. I seriously need a Yard for the dogs and grayson. He loves to play outside and it will super suck not having that option. It does have a pool though.... even though its winter lol. And could you imagine going from one dinky bathroom with no tub, to two bathrooms that are huge and super nice?? Lmao. The condo HOA also says renters can not have dogs. The current super nice owners have gone to them and pleaded for dogs and tried to get them signed off by the neighbors. They are supposed to let us know tomorrow. They want us to move in like a week. There is an app and 100 fee for a background check... These are the pros and cons for option one.

Option two is in palm-a-ghetto. Lol otherwise known as palmetto. Its not a horrible neighborhood close to a big park, and is a stand alone 2/1 with a yard and a fireplace lol. This option is waay closer to J's work and currently occupied by a friends parents. They will be moving the end of this month which would give more time to pack, but consist of moving after xmas. When i spoke to the old man this morning he seemed leery of us, but told me he would get a reference from the friends parents and call me back tonight. I seriously think this option would be best for us but i am afraid the old man wont like us lol. He made a comment about "partying" and asked how old we are. Um... we are super normal and have a small baby. We would never party... and if we did... i am pretty sure it would have a "yo gabba gabba" theme lol. I am hoping we can meet with him and hear back before its time to tell the other people but who knows... It is also cheaper to move in. First months rent and 500 deposit. Fingers crossed for these pros and cons....

So on top of that the local hospital is trying to offer me a prn position. I don't think i want it. When they ask you in an interview "what will you do when a baby dies" it kind of makes you want to crawl in a hole and hide from this horrible world. The hours would be crazy and the interview process is going on week 2 now and they want me to take a test. Ugh....

I have soooo much going on that mama needs a vodka. Will there ever be a quiet time in my life where things seem calm. Is there ever in any ones life? I just want my baby to have a happy life where he can say he never had any worries. BLAH... i hate this time of the year!!! I guess I will have to calm the fuck down... and wait....

Bah humbug,

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