Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Save the drama for yo mama... cunt ;)

I love how the psychotic July moms are still anonymously commenting on my blog post. What they don't know, is every time they view my blog, that is one more point on the ticker lol. ::happy girl ::

It will never phase to amaze me how these dumb cunts can sit in front of a computer and tell me how much i neglect my child... Because i am sitting in front of a computer. Lol. Hmmmm.... Interesting...

Or How about how immature i am starting drama. These women have come from facebook, while i have them on block, hunted down my blog, and then secretly commented on it. Now to be fair, they only had something to say about my most irrelevant post, ya know, the one about them lol. But to search me out from block, open up my blog, read about 2000 words, create an account to comment, and then not even say who they are... is ....well.... uber pathetic! Lol... Thank you dear mommy cunts, for without all your bs and effort i am pretty sure i would not have had nearly as many views on my blog. Probably about 200 less actually lol.

So now on to the topic of your concern. It amazes me that you, the person sitting on a facebook group, complaining about how your husband wont fuck your fat ass, can sit there and make assumptions about the welfare of my child. I can get up right now, and look at my sweet little man snuggled up in his crib, in his decorated room, and sweetly smile. He is perfect, my life is perfect, and i can honestly say i do not worry for 2 seconds about my sweet little man! Too bad you spend so much of your time reading what i have to write, wondering about my free time, judging my choices in parenting, or trying to decide how mature I am. BAHAHAHAH.... yes... you should seriously be worried about me....

So Casey, shawndah, candy, mergrissa gergetti (lol), jennifer, tiffany, whom ever feels the need to sit around and stalk my blog... you are seriously pathetic. I will put your name wherever i damn please... And if you don't like it, maybe you should learn to shut your krispy creme hole and get a hobby, a job, or a fucking life beyond a mommy board...or write your own fucking blog. I can guarentee... I wont be reading it ;)
take notes bitches and grow some...


  1. LISTEN HERE YOU FUCKING PSYCHOTIC BITCH!!! Keep my God Damn name out of your fucking mouth..I am sooo tired of this shit!!! You say you have a life, a job, etc, but you KEEP spouting my name because you have nothing better to do..I do not sit here and watch your fucking stupid blog, but when people are coming to me b/c you can't shut the fuck up and live your life, then that is when I have a problem..Yeah, the 50 plus of us who are the whackos, but yet, you still can't keep our names out of your mouth...Why is it that no one is writting blogs about you or putting your name on their personal FB page?? Oh yeah, that is right..IT'S BECAUSE EVERYONE HATES YOU AND NO ONE GIVES A RATS ASS ENOUGH TO SPEND THEIR TIME AT HOME OR WORK TO WRITE SHIT ABOUT YOU...Keep my fucking name out of your many times do I have to tell you this??? It's great to see you can't take a fucking hint...

    1. Someone must really care ... bahaha like I said in a previouse Comment Reply by you Casey!

      You are the one who looks pathetic and it really seems like you care about Heathers Blog ... which is good I mean honestly I love stopping by and reading it.

      So please do us all a fav. and ADMIT it ... and if you cant ... well than STAY AWAY

      Actually whait a min ... NO DONT .. its really amusing


      Heather I love your Blog

  2. Please keep demonstratting how much time you dont have to read my blog.... im lmao at your ridiculous posts...maybe i will make decmber casey month and put ur name in every blog lmao

  3. Casey cassel casey cassel casey cassel casey cassel! Im gonna plaster it everywhere and you cant do a dam thing about it! Except shove it up your ass!!!!! Oh and have a nice day!:)

  4. Aww why was smelly willys comment remove? It was a perfect exampe of why these so called mommies are MORONS! Oye I only have 1 thing to say CASEY CASSEL CASEY CASSEL CASEY CASSEL! Lmao!

  5. Lol! You two are too funny! Love you Heather & your blog :)

  6. well i am getting ready for work... maybe i will blog again to keep up the fuckin drama... you bitches need something to fill your lives with, this may just become my civic duty! lol


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