Tuesday, December 4, 2012

are you sitting on the edge of your seat?

Well it looks like i have many "private" blog viewers. My "mommy board" post has had like, 300 views. Sad part is, most of the people willing to sit and read like 2000 words about drama, are the drama. But one person in particular, seems to think it is all about them. Seriously? I have made many blog posts and they are certainly not all revolving around her. Maybe this one will be... maybe not... I'm still mid-blog and have not made up my mind lol. I have so much going on right now, that i seriously don't need all this high school drama.

I have recently received texts from this person claiming i have been posting about them for months now lol. Um, not all of my pictures or posts are about you, or your drunk friend. A few were ;) But i have seen just as many, if not more, between you and this chick about me. Obviously, bashing others is the only bond you seem to have with people these days. If it is not my aunt, then its me, or someone else who has seemed to piss you off this week. Your horse is not that high. It kind of reminds me of those midget ponies you see on the way to hunsaders. So why not just let this shit go already? You send me things saying i play the victim... hmm... what exactly have i done to you or any of your little followers? I voted for Obama... that could possibly get me weeks, maybe a month worth of ridicule... but come on. Its getting old. Why not focus on a friendship with someone that is not based on hate?

I have multiple things to write about obviously. My job provides me with weeks worth of blogging topics lol. J can also provide me with many humorous snidbits. My love for my child, who is not abused btw (what a sick accusation) is more then enough to provide me with a blogging topic daily. So your drama, your status updates, and your mouth will no longer occupy my texts, blogs,or status updates. And if any of you wackos would like to keep making me your main focus, then i will leave you be. Sadly your life is that unproductive.

When it comes to friends, i have all i need. Kristen and I have been friends for years. We may have had fights, not talked, or spent too much time together... but at the end of the day she is there for me. I have many other close friends such as solice, holly, jessica, and many more... When it comes to Internet friends, amber, jordan, sarah and a few others not mommy related have it covered. So please, take a moment, take a step back and realize my life does not revolve around any of you.

It is not social suicide to stop being friends with one person. If someone hates me because of that, then so be it. You were obviously not a friend to begin with. I don't need any of this. Every day i wake up to the most beautiful miracle in the entire world. Grayson. I also wake up to a loving man who has provided for me and said miracle now for 2 years. I couldn't ask for anything more then my family and friends.

So stop talking your shit, you are wasting energy. Grow up and realize my life will go on with out you or any of your "buddies". Stop worrying about what I post, or whether it affects you. I don't care if you respond all day long because i am taking you off my stalking list. You are boring and you just plain suck donkey turds. In fact, you are just like all of the mommy board people you once sat on the phone a critisized me for talking to.

I am embracing my life, and everyone who chooses to be a part of it. I thank you all and I will stop filling your news feed with this intense high school shit talking. I am taking the high horse and leaving all you midget ponies to suck grass... peace

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