Thursday, December 6, 2012

another day...another Ecard... and a shit load of comments...

I spent today getting shit done. Like a boss yo ;) . J got a new job and hopefully that will mean good things for me. When i got home i checked my phone and blog. Lovely ... more nut job bs The comment from some ignorant housewife, lol must have been  pretty low and i am glad she decided to remove it herself. I can only imagine what she felt the need to say lol .

 When will enough be enough for these girls? At this point i think my biggest thing is i have no room to even feel sorry for myself anymore. I am pretty busy feeling sorry for these middle aged women who spend their lives reading my blog. How many fucking times can one person comment under a different name? Lol... if you are curious ask casey casseel. Lmao. I guess maybe i should stop writing about them. It must be really hard to look back at your published comment and see that you had to remove it because even you thought you sounded like a donkey twat lol.

So even though my day was filled with mix emotions, i decided to
take a breather. I let everyone i know still talking to these mommy board freaks, that i would step back and unfriend them (or they, me) just to shut the bitches up lol. I mean, why do i care who they are friends with? So after a few unfriends, i still felt bad. I went ahead and just deactivated for a while. If the sun rises and sets on who is friends with me to these girls, why not give them what they NEED. Lol. You win. I dont need mommy board people. And some i can still text when needed. So if facebook will make or break you, dont let me be your down fall dear lol. The only thing that truthfully annoys me with the stalkers, is their claim that i play the victim. Um what have I ever done to you all? I told everyone what you said about them? Its called coming clean. If you didn't want someone to know you think their kid is a retarded seal clapper, then dont say it on fucking facebook lol. If you didnt want me to tell jennifer you said her face looked like she had been in a car accident shawndah, don't say it. I will totally one hundred percent own up for my shit. I have said some mean girl things, its very easy to be drawn in. But when i took a step back to the real world, i got a life lol. I apologised and moved the fuck on. Maybe you ladies should try it.

 So if you need an apology from me, here is is. You can stop holding your breath. I am sorry i dont like homophobic chicken. I am sorry i told the girls you talked shit about, what you said. I even copy and pasted some. I am sorry i used your name in my blog that described what children you were and how you act like highschool dumbasses. I was right there along with you. But i admit my faults and i am moving past it. So if you want to play the comment game for weeks, or months like you did the shit talking in secret groups game... go ahead... you are just continuing to prove me right~!

Now that I have deactivated, i seriously will be blogging more. Scared? You should be. Lol. Well some of you. I have just way too much going on right now! Good news is i finished my xmas shopping early this year. I am always one of the last minute walmart shoppers on Christmas eve lol. I can not wait for christmas morning and to see my sweet little man open all his presents. I have worked super hard and been super abused by my boss just so i can give my kid all that Santa should on Christmas!

One of my biggest issues is moving. To move or not to move... that is the question. Our old landlord was super duper awesome, in fact the best ever. But the new guy who remains faceless lol, is another story. Not only does he want to raise my rent 100 dollars a month, but he also wants me to pay the utilities, and pay a deposit. I know the utilities thing sounds reasonable to most, but what gets me is that the apartment is rented above the garage, and it uses the hot water heater, and also the washer and dryer that are run on our electric and water from the house. So you are telling me that you want me to pay for someone else's bs plus give you a deposit?? Lol. Now the deposit thing super pisses me off.

When we first moved into our house, or took possession of the rental, the place was DIS-GUSTING. We, along with many good friends like Jaime, Solice, Kristen, My Dad and Deb, all went in a did about 1500 dollars worth of work on the place.  So when we move out, no matter what he says, it will most definitely be in better shape then when we moved in. Why the heck should i pay you an extra deposit??!! My landlords rental management decided to inform him of this and get back to me, after telling me all would be well back in the beginning of November. What a bitch. She and him seriously just told me that, so they could cut it down to the wire and we would not have other options for moving. A really shady move.

Another happening is j getting that job. I am seriously hoping he will get enough hours for us to be able to afford to stay in the shit hole house, and still live comfortable. When he emerged from his interview, i asked him about the hours... and what do you know... He had no clue! Classic J! Lol. Hopefully all will work out and then i will have the best job ever and make my life seriously perfect... being graysons mommy full time. I will even bleach the whites J. Lol.

So other then that today i have learned quite a few things... First is, never trust anyone but your real friends and family. Chicks are crazy and bored and will stalk you for days ... anonymously lol. The second is always prep J before an interview. The third is make sure you plan ahead before the end of your lease and trust your gut, never a little woman named Olga lol. And the fourth is, when spending the last of your money Christmas shopping, Never, Ever let your child out of the cart in wally world.

I will take one second to elaborate. While J was interviewing, and i was shopping for hours lol, Grayson really wanted down. I figured he could trot around for a while since we really had nothing to target shop. So after a few old people said "awww how cute" and smile and waived, i noticed a few people with dirty looks lol. I looked at the front of grayson only to see a puke spot on his shirt. Oy vey, making the page of people at walmart again G? Lol... so after holding him down to clean it up, he just looked like he slobbered. We walked towards the TVs. He was amazed at the flat screen display lol. I looked down at the Cd's for like 6 second, check back to g, back to the CD, back to g, and bam he was gone. I almost died. I freaked... he was one isle down and some lady said very rudely to me, "He's over heeeerrree" Um omg. Thank you. I would have been rude also. Never letting my child walk again. Ever.

OK that's all... my lessons for today, my complaints, my joys, my predictions for the future! Hope everyone enjoyed their days also... even if they spent them making anonymous comments on MY BLOG... lol thanks for reading :)
xoxo- H
ps.... ;)


  1. Wow bitches be crazy yo!!!!!!! But over all I am happy for you. I cant wait to see the happy sun shine Heather again;) I am sorry about G glad you found him!!! And that is awesome about J!!!! That is some shady shit your landlord did.

    1. thanks love! lol i am currently still trying decide if i should stay here and give in and pay it... i just dont know!!! lol....


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