Sunday, January 20, 2013

What is wrong with our society?

Since when did people stop raising their children? Since when did morals become replaced with religion and guns? Since when did the safety of children need to be defended by armed guards?

Our society is so disgusting. Sometimes just my facebook news feed can scare me enough to lock my front door. I never knew how much danger lurked within people you know. Drug dealers, drug users, religious fanatics, and right wing activists scare me. Whether it be gay marriage, gun laws, or wayward teenagers, some people are clueless band wagoners. Wake up and inform yourselves people... because it gets tiring correcting all of your babble. When did just being a good person, and not injuring other people (verbally or physically) become far, and few between.

I just wanted to go to the county fair. I should be able to do so without fear of gang violence. Someone decided to take that right from me, yet they did so while boasting THEIR RIGHT to the second amendment. Currently via social media, there is a picture of a memo floating around to local law enforcement stating a threat on our fair with gun violence. Why would this be ok? Who is lacking morals so badly, and so full of evil they would want to harm strangers in a petting zoo? The fair is a place to take small children to make memories, not to wear their first bullet proof vest. You should be able to ride the ring of fire, without fear of gun fire. You should be able to eat a greasy sandwich without fear of a knuckle sandwich, or pistol pudding. Since when were the cheap rides not your biggest fear at the fair?

I guess being anti-gun, pro-gay, and almost communist can leave you questioning the hate in others. Who is raising such horrible children? What exactly are they putting in the milk? Who cares about little girls with boobies at 12.. I am more worried about little boys with guns and bandanna's.

No matter what anyone has to say about the right to spout off hate at the mouth, shoot polar bears, or condemn people on government assistance, I will never change my outlook on life. The outlook of bettering this country for my child to grow up in. For continuing the war on drugs, and or the fight for equality. Does this make me a bad person? My beliefs are different than yours, so obviously  I am the issue right? If so, I would get out the mirror, a bible, and the daily show and revise your morals accordingly.

My brother showed me a "tweet" that was posted by another high school student claiming to be the one who placed the threat to the fair. This "tweeter" found this amusing? How sad for his parents. To think your child could be out there right now, making false threats to the police, and joking about gun violence after our nations random shooting history, is sick and pathetic. Is this how the bible raised your child? And the biggest laugh comes from the fact that we allowed this child's parents to get married and procreate a little monster, but god forbid 2 men should marry and mind their own fucking business.

I can only hope to be there to monitor all I can for my child, but in good faith not need to. To hope he is raised to love people equally, not judge others, and have the morals of his liberal mother. Having morals does not benefit others, it benefits you. And seriously I am starting to wonder if they should make a "pill" for that. I mean, they have a pill for erectile dysfunction but nothing for a "lack of empathy". Maybe some one should get on that.. pronto. Or maybe parents need to go back to giving their kids a "good old fashion,passionate, ass whoopin". Please parents.. raise your children right, because the saying is true. Society has to deal with them when you are done.

So I guess I will be visiting the fair, with hopes of only damaging my arteries with fair food and not bullet holes. Fingers crossed right?

Peace, Love, and gun regulations from president Obama bitchez !!

Ps- my thoughts on gun laws, gay marriage, and women's rights go far beyond this post... this post is about wanting to go to the fair. Please, by all means, do not comment if you are in need of an education... because you better be your bridges sonny that I can go all day long ;)

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